Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Gotta get back to it!

Right! It's time I made a post! I'm tired of seeing my "Back to Work!" heading! I've had another week off my real job since then and I'm now back at work from this second holiday (well, time off - I haven't been anywhere).

Okay, so what have I been up to? I haven't written anything new. I've still been working on the script I originally started for Channel 4. In the end I decided not to send it off as I just didn't think it was right for the type of thing they were looking for. Instead I've been revamping it and tweaking it (to death!). When it's finished I'm going to send it to the delightful Michelle over at Sofluid. Michelle left me some very nice comments on one
of my posts and we ended up chatting via e-mail and have agreed to read each other's work and provide feedback. I sent Michelle a copy of the script I submitted to the BSSC. She read it and provided some excellent (and extrememly fast) feedback on it. Of course, I'd already sent the script off but any feedback on scripts past or present is very useful and always appreciated! In return, I read one of Michelle's scripts (which was brilliant) and provided her with feedback. It's basically the same sort of thing that we do over at the Sharpshooter group, but this is a mutual 1 to 1 exchange, rather than putting a script into a pot for everyone to read. SharpShooter is great though and I'll continue to post scripts and give critique to others. Basically, the more feeback you can get for your writing the better!

So, I really want to get my current script finished, so I can get on with the next one! I got to write something new 'cause my notebook is starting to burst open with all of the ideas packed into it! It's all these weird dreams I keep having!

What else have I been up to then? It was my girlfriend's birthday last week, so I bought her a Nintendo Wii that she's been afte
r since they first appeared! It's great fun! I'm a bit of an Xbox 360 man myself, but even though the graphics on the Wii are nothing to write home about, the fun you can have with a few beers and some friends round is brilliant! Golf is a favourite! ;)

Finally, I've been looking at other blogs and noticed that they all have nice pictures dotted around here and there, whereas mine has none. So, in the interest of brightening up the page (and testing a picture post) - Here's one of my cat, looking deep in thought...


Sofluid said...

Awww bless! What's his or her name?

And a Happy Belated Birthday to Mrs Undiscovered Scriptwriter!

Gosh, well, if you've got a notebook crammed with ideas then there's no stopping you! I don't really get on with the old traditional notebook and pen, so I'm thinking of making a computer file with all my screenwriting ideas and notes in. I'm notorious for never writing down ideas, but I have so many all the time... Really must start getting them down, be it on paper or on the laptop :)

Looking forward to reading more of your work!

Splinter073 said...

Hi Michelle!

The cat's name is "Neo" and she's a she. "What!?" I hear you cry! Well, when we had her as a kitten the original owners told us it was a boy (very hard to tell at that age!) We only found it she was female a few weeks later when we took her to the vets for the usual jabs etc. We didn't have the heart to change her name then!

I keep the notepad by my bedside, so I can jot down any ideas that come to me in my dreams (had a few). There's nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea you had in a dream and then forgetting it the next morning!

Thanks for the birthday wishes by the way! I'll pass them on! :)

Almost finished the latest draft of CC by the way, so expect an e-mail soon! ;)

Feel free to send me anything you want me to take a look at. I enjoy your work!

Antonia said...

I've got various notebooks of all shapes and sizes. Always jotting stuff down, mainly ideas, phrases, observations, but you can't beat pc for letting fingers run away with the main story. I always write better via pc than pen and pad.

Splinter073 said...

I agree with you there Antonia. I need the pads to scribble down my ideas at 4:00am but when those fingers start flying on the keyboard... that's when the magic happens! ;)