Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bi-Monthly Update!

Can you believe it's been 2 months since my last update!?

What the hell have I been doing since then? Why haven't I updated this blog? Have I even been writing at all during that time? Did I even go to the Writersroom Birmingham Roadshow? Am I even alive?

Well, yes, I'm still alive. That is, unless someone has hacked into my blogger account and is writing all this? In which case, why would they even mention the fact that they may be an impostor? Maybe it was to double bluff the reader? Or maybe they...


So, since I last posted, I really haven't done much in the way of writing. I've been so wrapped up in work (the day job) that my mind hasn't been on writing much. I know it's no excuse and I really should be setting time aside in the evening to write, even if it's just for half an hour! To be honest, I noticed a general lull in blog posts and activity over the summer, so maybe it wasn't just me not getting into the writing spirit.

Well, now I think I've got my Mojo back and will be steaming ahead with some writerly goodness. I've still got to finish the new script I mentioned in my last post. I never did take it along to the BBC Writersroom Roadshow in Birmingham. In fact, after the roadshow most people put the scripts they had with them back in their bags! Only a handful of people actually handed one in. I think this was due to the "first 10 pages" advice that the speaker gave. I'll do a separate little post about the roadshow soon.

So, just what HAVE I been getting up to then?

First of all, I suddenly got a craving for creating comics! This was mostly down to Mr Tony Lee who I've been following on Twitter (he's currently working on a script for the comic version of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"
). He ran a quick little competition where you could win access to the Beta of Longbox Digital - an online comic reader, which is going to be the "iTunes" of online comics.
I won a Beta code, but I'm still unable to use it, as the Beta testing hasn't started yet. So, in my eagerness to read some online comic goodness I searched the NET and stumbled across Pixton - an online comic strip creator. There are literally thousands of comic strips already available to view on this site and so I spent an entire afternoon (while I should have been getting on with something else) reading loads of comics. Some good, some great, some... okay.

After I'd had my fill, I had a go myself and came up with The Undead World.
The online software is extremely easy to use and although it can be a bit limited in places, you can usually get the things you want in your panels by cheating. An example of this is how I made it look like a zombie's head was lying on the floor. I basically covered the character with a box which was the same colour as the floor (leaving only his head visible) and then splattered some blood around the severed neck...nice!

A Zombie head from The Undead World - Episode 2

I think this would be a great way of seeing any short scripts you've written in action! Be warned though... I think Pixton own all the copyrights to things you create, so DON'T go creating a comic strip out of the next blockbuster you're about to sell to Hollywood! I'm not saying they would, but wouldn't it be ironic to get sued for copyright infringement for something you created in the first place!!!?

So, have a go! If you create a comic, let me know in the comments so I can take a look! Michelle Goode of Sofluid fame has already created one, which is rather good and can be found here! Nice one Michelle!

Finally for this post, I was absolutely chuffed to bits when I received an e-mail from Michelle last week to inform me that I'd got through the first round of the British Short Screenplay Competition (BSSC) with my short screenplay "Mom's Holiday". I've been checking their website regularly, but they are having problems with it, so they informed everyone by newsletter instead. Unfortunately, I don't receive the newsletter (I thought I'd signed up but apparently not - I have now anyway!) but luckily for me Michelle does get it! It was just the boost I needed to get me back on track! I don't know how many people entered, but even if EVERYONE got through the first round I'd still be happy, just knowing that someone has actually read it! This was my first ever script too, so I'm even more amazed! I've had a read through it since and can see where I've made a HUGE amount of rookie mistakes. Too many (beat)s, CAPITALISED character names throughout, descriptive text in parenthesis... it's pretty terrible to be honest, but I think the story is quite good, which is probably what shone through. ;)

That's it for this post, but I'll do another one soon, detailing my experience of the Writersroom Roadshow...

Don't forget to have a go at creating your own comics on Pixton!

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Sofluid said...

Congratulations again on the BSSC success! :) Keep up the writing!