Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A little update...

Thought I'd post a quick update after the weekend...

I've almost completed the first draft of my "Channel 4" script. I could probably have finished it actually, I was on a roll, but I did plan on going to work tomorrow so I need some sleep!

I really don't think this is going to be suitable for "Coming Up" though...
On the website (link in a previous post), it says they are looking for:

  • Bold ideas
  • Strong voices
  • Originality
  • Ambition
  • Wit
  • Urgency
  • Films that push boundaries in a way that wouldn't / couldn't be done in mainstream drama
  • Films that can be shot in 4 days on a limited budget
From that brief, it would suggest that they are looking for a 30 minute version of Trainspotting or something. My current script is... well... let's say a bit different to that!

However, it does have bold ideas, Strong(ish) voices, originality, ambition and wit (in my humble opinion). But not sure about the urgency or the "pushing the boundaries" bit.
It could also definitely be shot in 4 days, but it does require some CGI special effects, so not sure about the limited budget...

And it's a drama... a comedy drama (NOT a SITCOM...REPEAT...THIS IS NOT A SITCOM!)
In fact, it's more of a drama with funny anecdotes than an outright comedy.

I'll probably submit it anyway. If they don't like it they can f... I mean, I can always send it to the BBC.

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Nlog said...

Hey check out Pavaline.com they'll look at anybody's script and they made some pretty constructive comments on mine.